The Etobicoke Kangaroos Australian Football Club is proud to announce, after a successful, digitally hosted, Annual General Meeting, the appointment of our Executive Committee for 2021.

After a delayed and postponed season in 2020, it’s with extreme pride we’re able to announce the fulfillment of the executive committee, as we look to rebound, as the historically formidable club we are, in the AFL Ontario League in 2021.

2021 Executive Committee

Getting back around the contest as one of our Directors, Etobicoke’s favourite Dragon’s Den celebrity, ‘what coulda been’ Australian Big Brother Season 1 Invitee and club co-founder, Emile Studham.

Fresh to our Executive Committee is our fitness guru and social planner Hillary Keyes, who fulfils one of the Director roles.

To accompany the appointment of our directors Marta Janiszewska shines as star note-taker as our Club Secretary for the second year.

Bringing her expertise from her time playing in Australia is our Women’s Rep, Lara Hilmi, onboard for her fourth year running.

Last and not least, the spiritual guru of Australian Football in the Western Suburbs of Toronto. Professional lifesaver, former part-time Australian Football Talent smuggler and co-founding Roo’ namesake Greg Everett.

Still hopping around after almost two decades in Australian Football in Toronto, with at least one calf operational, ‘Roo’ will fulfil his duty as our AFL Ontario Board of Directors Representative.

Our wonderful executive committee took the time to fill us in on some of their more obscure talents and favourite memories of being apart of such a fantastic Australia Football Club in Etobicoke.

Name: Emile Studham (@emilestudham)
Nickname: Dragon
Executive Position: Director
Executive History: 2003, 2008-09, 2021
Playing History: 2003, 2008-2015
Favourite Club Memories:
Our first year. Starting a brand new club with Roo & Squirrel, winning the OAFL preliminary final vs Toronto Rebels by a point to make the grand final in our first year. It was one hell of a year!

The 2008 Premiership. We were down by 23 points at three-quarter time and able to win by a point with 55 seconds remaining. We did not lead the game by more than 1 minute! Haha

The 2015 Premiership – My last year playing. The commitment showed by the team and personally, I had to treat my body well to get through. I was battling with groin tendonitis and hip arthritis. My hip, as I later found out, was not good as my head of femur had fused into my hip joint, resulting in a hip replacement 2 years later.

Name: Hillary Keyes (@_hillaryalexandra_)
Nickname: Hill / Keyes
Executive Position: Director
Executive History: First Year
Playing History: 3 Years
Favourite Club Memory: Joining the Club and in my first season with the Roos, we won the Premiership!

Name: Marta Janiszewska (@martaska)
Nickname: Marta? (I don’t think I have one)
Executive Position: Secretary
Executive History: 2nd Year
Playing History: 3 Years
Favourite Club Memory: My favourite memories are somehow also the foggy ones.

Name: Lara Hilmi (@larahilmi24)
Nickname: Lars/Larry
Executive Position: Women’s Rep
Executive History: Spreading love in various roles from 2018-present
Playing History: 4 Years
Favourite Club Memory: Anytime spent hanging out with Erin Loughnane.

Name: Greg Everett (@b52bomber67)
Nickname: Roo
Executive Position: AFL Ontario Board of Director’s Rep
Executive History: 2003-present – always been a part either in an official or unofficial capacity.
Playing History: 2003-2005 Div 1, 2011-2012 Div 2
Favourite Club Memories: Winning the 2008 AFL Ontario Premiership, after only five years from starting the club. 2011 Grand Final Day – 3 teams in the GF with Div 1 & 2 winning and Womens Runners up. Coaching Lady Roos Premierships 2015, 2017, 2018.

Once again, the Etobicoke Kangaroos Australian Football Club would like to thank the contributions thus far and into 2021 from our Executive Committee.

We look forward to being able to bring positive Australian Football news in 2021. Irrespective of community decision, we will continue to build the stature of Australian Football in the Western Suburbs of Toronto.

Brett Connell - AFL Content Creator
Brett Connell - AFL Content Creator
Former Etobicoke Kangaroos AFL Ontario Men's Div 1 Player from 2011, 2012, 2014 & 2015. Two Time AFL Ontario Premiership Player & One Time AFL Ontario Premiership Coach. AFL Ontario Coach Of The Year 2015. Based In Brisbane, Queensland I Am An Avid Web Developer, Content Writer & Original Creator Of

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