Etobicoke Kangaroos would love to wish everyone apart of the Greater Australian Football Community a safe and prosperous holidays.

It has been a trying and testing time for all in 2020, across the globe and we want to send our greatest love and support over this break period. To all players and supporters from Western Toronto to where you may find yourself, thank you once again.

It is unknown, at this stage what 2021 holds for Australian Football in Canada and in particular, Ontario and furthermore the Etobicoke Kangaroos, but with that said, we’re extremely grateful to have such a caring and considerate group of people in our community and wish you paramount safety. Stay health, stay safe, follow the community advice and reach out to those who need a helping hand.

All the best,

Etobicoke Kangaroos Australian Football Club

Brett Connell - AFL Content Creator
Brett Connell - AFL Content Creator
Former Etobicoke Kangaroos AFL Ontario Men's Div 1 Player from 2011, 2012, 2014 & 2015. Two Time AFL Ontario Premiership Player & One Time AFL Ontario Premiership Coach. AFL Ontario Coach Of The Year 2015. Based In Brisbane, Queensland I Am An Avid Web Developer, Content Writer & Original Creator Of

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