Action from Round 2 of the AFL Ontario Div 1 League - 2014
Action from Round 2 of the AFL Ontario Div 1 League – 2014. Photo Courtesy of Rob Colburn.

Winning an Australian Rules Premiership is easy. So easy. How hard is it to manoeuvre yourself, your teammates, your coaches, your support staff, your club staff, your game day volunteers, your alumni and your supporters through the rigours of an Australian Football Season? As well as repel the attempts of other clubs to achieve the same feat. Easy.

To win a premiership, you can actually break the concept down to its two simplest parts. So how do you win a Premiership? Like I said, Easy. First, make it to the last day of the year.

The premiership will be played on a certain date, so get out your calendar, write it in and see you there. Avoid elimination from the competition before this date and you’ve achieved step one.

Step two, just win. Go out and win. How hard is it to win?

If you’re looking for the secret game plan or structural setup, I do apologies as I don’t have the exact response.

So with season 2021 around the corner and so many clubs chasing that ultimate premiership success in Australian Rules Football, here is my sure fire way to make sure you stand a strong red hot chance in September, or August, or October or maybe even a November. Thanks Covid.

Get Fit For An Australian Rules Premiership!

It is already early January, so the hard work started a good two months ago. Sacrifice needs to be made over Christmas and you need to be engaged in a red hot training regime now. To get to the last day, you need to win and fit teams win.

On top of this, that last day of the competition, the more bodies you have the better. A premiership is a war of attrition. A season takes it’s toll, and sadly, with all the glory of premiership success, comes the hardship of injury and loss.

So try your best now to prevent this. Get a personal trainer and get a plan setup. If you’re apart of the QAFL and located in Brisbane, get in touch with Personal Training Pinjarra Hills and drop in for some guidance. If you’re based overseas, I’m sure the team can put together a program with what you have available. High level AFL Coaches with years of playing and coaching experience across all age levels and competitions.

So now that you’re fit, it’s time show off the guns and look the part.

Look the part When Winning An Australian Rules Premiership!

To win an Australian Rules Premiership its as simple as ‘pulling your socks up’. No seriously, pull your socks up! Oh you can’t because you like to be an individual and take a pair of scissors to your socks butcher the club uniform for your own individuality. Well looks like this premiership winning club has no space for you. Move on.

A team that looks good, looks the same, will win! A team finds extra strength when their Guernsey/Jersery fits well. Has an intricate sublimated design and construction accompanied with footy shorts that fit well and are breathable and light. As well as socks that are compressive, pushing blood circulation out of your calves and back into your brain to make the right decisions.

The absolute pinnacle of looking the part on the Australian Rules oval is Tribal Sport. Their range is extensive and extremely well researched and developed within the sport by players for players check it out here. Available in all parts of the globe from North America in the AFL Ontario to most leagues in Australia.

Get in touch with the team at Tribal Sport to get your team looking the part in 2021. You’ll be grateful you did after you see the premiership photos with the cup and flag, on stage, on the big day.

This next key to Australian Rules Premiership success may hit a nerve with few.

Australian Rules Premiership Means Pay Your Fees!

For a lucky few, who cross into the realm of professionalism for the sport, this is taken care of, but alas it still requires work.

For the rest who are engaged at a community level, there is nothing more important than making sure you are financial. The club plans its year around the players paying there fees.

Long gone are the days of Tobacco companies sponsoring the local leagues. Stacking the end of year presentation with cigarettes. Player’s are the drivers of financial success at a club.

When it comes to paying your fees, it can take two courses. Firstly, you can pay them or secondly, you can engage with your community and have a sponsor.

Finding a player sponsor is a worthwhile and rewarding endeavour. It takes the thought away from the financial commitment of the sport and business’ are more likely to help subsidise the other two above points.

It really is the most important step. Until clubs start making their own jersey’s from scratch and brewing beers, this is the most important step.

Luckily there are people like who understand the concept. The brain child of Brett Connell, looks to bridge the gap between the old school club house based player sponsor, with the new age possibilities of what sponsorship looks like for a business in the digital realm. is the simplified payment processing portal that a player can use to engage a business, that will help build the digital presence of a business. Long gone are the days of a player photo and business name hanging up above the bar in the clubhouse.

Get in touch with to find out how your club can benefit and get financial, before round one.

Now Get Out There And Win!

There you go. That’s it. Simple as that. Now go out and get it done.

Let it be said, a little bit of a disclaimer, this is quite tongue and cheek. Although, these suggestions are legitimate and will send you a long way close to winning, the sport of Australian Rules Football is too unpredictable.

The season that was 2020 taught us a valuable lesson in being able to manoeuvre when circumstances change and it has forever changed the landscape of the sport.

So my final parting message would be, no matter where you are in the world, what ever league you’re playing in. Enjoy yourself and be grateful for the circumstances you find yourself in.

For sadly, not all teams will be playing in 2021.

Brett Connell - AFL Content Creator
Brett Connell - AFL Content Creator
Former Etobicoke Kangaroos AFL Ontario Men's Div 1 Player from 2011, 2012, 2014 & 2015. Two Time AFL Ontario Premiership Player & One Time AFL Ontario Premiership Coach. AFL Ontario Coach Of The Year 2015. Based In Brisbane, Queensland I Am An Avid Web Developer, Content Writer & Original Creator Of

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